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David Anthony Colarusso - Sadly not Havoc Dinosaur
Intermittent musings on the law, science, education, technology, design, and life. Also, I build things: furniture, software, reasoned arguments... To learn more about that, click a persona below for my eponymous website.

Archive for February, 2007

Freedom of Information Requests Are Out

by David Colarusso - February 2nd, 2007

If you’ve been following the whole Brain Gym thing, you should know that digitalkatie and I sent out freedom of information requests yesterday to each of Scotland’s 32 local authorities. Here’s their contact info. We’re trying to figure out the scale of Brain Gym’s pseudoscientific reach. Either Brain Gym is a minor budgetary blip (costing little or nothing), a worrisome waste of taxpayer money, or something in between. Hopefully, we’ll soon know. Replies should arrive by March. Here’s what we asked for, broken down by year over the past five years:


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