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David Anthony Colarusso - Sadly not Havoc Dinosaur
Intermittent musings on the law, science, education, technology, design, and life. Also, I build things: furniture, software, reasoned arguments... To learn more about that, click a persona below for my eponymous website.

Archive for October, 2013

Respect the Chemistry

by David Colarusso - October 12th, 2013

I am a Tad Late to tHe Party, But I juSt finisHed watChing Breaking Bad This weeK. As a Former high School scieNce Teacher wHo maY or may Not Currently Work with meth deAlers, it Seemed apPropriate to make Use of this teAchable Moment. Below you’ll fInd a litTle tool I made for highlighTing elemental symbOls in a string of text. I fiNd it fun to pLay with Names. ImPortantly, it Respects the chemistry. Each element’s symbol links to the appropriAte wikipedia artiCle, and you Can cut and Paste an HTml verSion of the final product. Enjoy.

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