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David Anthony Colarusso - Sadly not Havoc Dinosaur
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I’m a Bad Blogger and 25 Other Random Things

by David Colarusso - February 11th, 2009

I’ve really been neglecting this blog, and for that I’m a little sad. Luckily no one reads it. So it’s not like I’m letting anyone down. Anywho, yesterday in a fit of insomnia, I finally gave in to peer pressure. Below you’ll find my “25 Things” note. If you don’t know what I’m taling about, you aren’t on Facebook. Here’s an explanation. The phenomenon is really a derivative of an old blogging challenge. So it seemed right to post it here as well.

1) I was once told that blogging about my job was disrespectful. That week, a few of the things I had “complained” about magically got fixed.

2) My first job was a summer internship for the DOD. Soon afterwards, I decided I never wanted to work for the military. Now I really want to be a JAG (as well as 50 other things ;).

3) I once had a living room apartment. My “room” was separated from the rest of the apartment by a shower curtain, and my bed was an air matters. I didn’t have a TV, radio, or computer. I did, however, learn to love running, and the Sunnyvale library.

4) I’m the president and CEO of a very small corporation, and yes, we’ve even payed someone’s Social Security.

5) I was voted “most unique” by my graduating class, and I’d like to think they weren’t being mean. :\

6) The summer of my freshman year in college, I took a 3,000 mile bus ride from New York to California to confess my love to someone. I knew they didn’t feel the same way, but I felt I needed the “closure” to move on with my life, and it actually worked. That is, I got closure and a lot of time on a bus to think about what I wanted out of life.

7) I’ve filed a Freedom of Information Act and had the results cited by a columnist/blogger I really admire. Thanks Ben Goldacre

8) I was the first person on my father’s side of the family to graduate from a four year college.

9) On my mother’s side, I was a third generation teacher.

10) I once did a national radio interview on NPR’s Day to Day, and my name’s shown up in Newsweek and the Washington Post, all for a part-time project I ran out of my tiny Edinburgh flat. It involved YouTube and American politics. ;)

11) I’ve lived abroad. I was teaching physics and science in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was arguably the best single year of my life. I was there on a Fulbright teacher exchange, and I can’t say enough good things about the program.

12) I’ve had a student tell me to go F*#& myself, and once I had a student removed to stand trial for murder. I was onYouTube breaking up a fight. And for the record, the student was found guilty.

13) My first job out of college was with the US Secret Service, and for an unrelated reason, I visited the West Wing and got to see the Oval Office. It looks just like the movies.

14) I was an Auxiliary Police Officer in Cambridge.

15) I think the two most attractive qualities have to be passion and compassion.

16) Duty and honor aren’t just words to me.

17) I still get a shiver down my spine when I hear the national anthem, and for over a decade, I’ve carried around a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution.

18) I feel very lucky nearly every day.

19) I miss my students and teaching. However, I really do think I can do more with the law.

20) I’ve applied to be an astronaut. It was more about applying than getting the job, or so I say now. ;)

21) When I first registered to vote, I registered as an independent. Then I decided I wanted to have a say in the primaries. So I switched affiliation.

22) I am a startling combination of my parents. Even professionally, it looks like I’m set to follow in each of their footsteps.

23) I’m an accomplished procrastinator. The fact that I’ve gotten this far in writing this list is proof. (I should be doing something else. For goodness sake look at when I posted this.)

24) In kindergarden I was the class’s best “cutter.” I wielded scissors like a surgeon. I was, however, the worst skipper.

25) The phrase “sadly not havoc dinosaur” is an anagram of my full name.

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  • 1. -Armando  |  May 14th, 2010 at 1:23 am

    LOL xD I Liked your videos, keep on :) and dont worry, i will pass my friends your blog, so you will maybe get more visitors

  • 2. Avonelle  |  December 15th, 2010 at 6:02 am

    They weren’t being mean. You were an anchor, without even really realizing it, for those of us who were “other” than the mainstream, because you were different and just didn’t seem to care. You were you, and that was what you had to offer. It was always enough. Just sayin’. Happy Holidays.

  • 3. Sadly not, Havoc Dinosaur&hellip  |  March 23rd, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    […] that “sadly not havoc dinosaur” is an anagram of my full name, and I’ve been a bad blogger for many years. Only recently, however, did it occur to me that I could combine these two […]

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