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“You’ve Got Mail.”

by David Colarusso - May 25th, 2007

So some five months after the problem first appeared, and two days after my blog made some waves, I finally have a proper school login and email. I’d like to think that last bit of timing was coincidental, but whatever the cause, agitation or patience, I can now send and receive school emails. This may not seem like a big deal, but email is how the faculty communicates. Announcements, meeting plans, collaborative efforts, almost all internal communication is handled via email. This meant I was always hearing about things right before they happened when people asked “Aren’t you heading over to such and such a meeting?”

This all stemmed from the fact that the council’s new IT system provides access based on payroll numbers. As an exchange teacher technically working for my home school in the States, I had no such number and therefore the people over at BT “couldn’t” create an account for me, despite my school’s insistence that I really needed one. My situation was unique and so low priority. Now, however, I’m part of the mainstream. I have email, but apparently it doesn’t often work when sending/receiving emails beyond the school network. Here’s how the school website puts it:

We are still having difficulties with external e-mail. Some messages are being received but only intermittently. Please be patient, BT are still trying to resolve the issue.

This has been going on for quite some time, a few months I think. It’s hard to say since I didn’t have email. Earlier in the week the school website simply suggested you wait to email staff, a colleague of mine missed out on a professional opportunity because his outgoing email wasn’t outgoing, and apparently there’s an upcoming conference for learning support teachers that no one knew about because the emails didn’t go through. Out of curiosity, “What aren’t we talking about?”

Please leave any comments on my last post. I’ve disabled them here to consolidate answers to my question.

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