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The Land of Contracts

by David Colarusso - April 14th, 2013

The Land of Contracts

Recently, my wife and I have been reading each other bedtime stories. We started with The Hobbit, next it was The Princess Bride, and currently we’re working through The Phantom Tollbooth. Coincidentally, all of these books included a map. This got me thinking about how much I love maps, and that got me thinking about the map above. I penned it with a great deal of help from my law school classmates back in my 1L year.

The map was our section’s gift to contracts professor Ward Farnsworth. At the time, I shared a poor-resolution image over Facebook, but the nostalgia conjured by my bedtime reading and their maps quickly transferred to nostalgia for those heady days and nights studying away at the law tower–hence this post. You can click on the image above or here for a closer look. The original was framed and given to Professor Farnsworth, and this cell-phone picture is the best image I have. In fact, it’s not even a picture of the final version as we added at least one case (showing travel in a covered wagon) after snapping it.

The map depicts a land of Contracts, with territories mapping roughly to the topics covered in class. Cities bear the names of cases, and occasionally items such as the Peerless are what they were (e.g., two ships bearing the same name). The cases were drawn from a book Professor Farnsworth was preparing on the subject, and it occurs to me that should he like to include such a map in future editions, I would gladly pen one.

The Case Law

To provide some context, here’s a brief tour of the territories, with links to more on the relevant cases. To my fellow classmates, if you think there’s anything I’m missing, please share in the comments below.

Starting in the north-west corner and moving east, you happen upon a marooned ship, the Richmond. Directly south of the Richmond, west of Estoppel Bay, in the territory of Consideration, you find the town of Schnell v. Nell, to the south-west, the hamlet of Webb McGowin and to the south-east, Hamer v. Sidway. In the waters to the west and east of Consideration, you will see two ships Peerless.

South of Consideration, across the Straight of Jurisdiction, which is bordered and guarded by the Isles of Easterbrook, you find the territories of Offer and Acceptance.

Even further south, the territory of the Written Word extends eastward, bordered by the Range of Impossibility and Frustration. North you find the territory of Breach and the city of Normand v. Orkin Exterm. Further north, you happen upon the thriving cities of Jacob & Youngs v. Kent and Ruxley v. Forsyth.

In the north-eastern corner you’ll find the territory of Remedies and the world-known metropolis of Hawkins McGee, made famous in popular culture by this opening scene from The Paper Chase:

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